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Adaptive Thermal Control™

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Exascend’s proprietary Adaptive Thermal Control™ technology tackles the issue of overheating and thermal throttling that is unavoidable in high-performance PCIe NVMe flash storage devices.

Typically, flash storage devices maintain thermals under a set threshold by throttling performance – causing massive drops and spikes in performance as the devices try to keep up with changes in temperature.

Exascend’s Adaptive Thermal Control technology mitigates this issue by intelligently finding the perfect equilibrium point between performance and device thermals where a consistently high level of performance holds steady over time – avoiding the constant performance bursts and drops endemic with high-speed NVMe devices.

The result is stable top-level performance that keeps your applications running at their peak.

Adaptive Thermal Control™

How it works

Adaptive Thermal Control™

Performance comparison

Recommended applications


Industrial applications demand unwavering performance in challenging environments.


Shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperature fluctuations demand only the best from storage devices.

Broadcast & cinema

Put the pinnacle of broadcast and cinema within your reach.

Modern productivity setup for business users

Enable users to always perform at their best, no matter where they are or how they work.

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