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Taking sequential performance to new heights

Afterburner™ is a performance-enhancing Exascend technology that leverages SLC cache to boost sequential read and write speeds. Not unlike the afterburner technology used in fighter jets, Exascend’s Afterburner™ technology gives short bursts of extra performance when it is needed the most.

Afterburner™ works by assigning a portion of the flash storage device’s 3D TLC NAND as SLC cache, allowing the 3D TLC NAND to mimic SLC’s performance benefits – most notably its incredible write performance. Afterburner™ automatically moves items written to the SLC cache to the 3D TLC NAND once it can do so without impacting performance.

Unlike the afterburner you find on jets, Exascend’s Afterburner™ technology is completely automated. All you see is the incredible performance of your Exascend flash storage device.

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