Image featuring reviewer James Davis with Exascend's CFast card and card reader

One year with Exascend’s Essential CFast: a cinematography professional’s review

At Exascend, we’re passionate about cinematography and making the future of extreme bitrate, high-resolution and high-FPS digital cinema possible. Storage is a critical part of shooting film, and – unfortunately – often a weak link where subpar storage can cause huge and costly issues even in major productions. That’s exactly what we set out to remedy with our cinematography-grade storage solutions.

Our memory cards (CFast, CFexpress and SD cards (UHS-I & UHS-II)) eliminate the risk of dropped frames during shoots and our card readers offload footage for post-production in no time. Most importantly, they’re engineered using our industrial-grade and enterprise-class hardware and firmware technologies, guaranteeing unparalleled reliability. Because what’s worse than losing a full day’s worth of footage to a failed memory card?

One of the (not so) secret ingredients behind our cinematography storage products is input from professional cinematographers. They share their knowledge, experience and insights with us, allowing us to craft cinematography products that are thoroughly optimized for real-world cinematography.

One of the cinematographers we work with is James Davis at Exigent Films. Based in Guam, James is a filmmaker, cinematographer and director who predominantly shoots on Z CAM systems. You can check out some of his work on his Vimeo and YouTube pages.

Over a year ago, we sent our Essential CFast 1 TB along with our CFast card reader to James to learn about his professional experience using them in his day-to-day work.

James had previously bought a CFast card from another brand that failed after just a month, so it was important to us to not only provide James with a better user experience but also to show that true cinematography-grade storage should hold up even under heavy professional workloads.

So, how did Exascend’s Essential CFast card and card reader work out for James? See for yourself in the video below:

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