Image displaying Exascend's Archon CFast card alongside the text "Factory Data Recovery"

Success story: How Exascend’s exclusive data recovery service rescued irretrievable data


At Exascend, we offer not only the expertise and knowledge in storage technologies, but also a deep understanding of all our products – a result of years of designing and developing our own firmware, hardware and software. Knowing our storage solutions inside and out gives us an edge to solve any potential issues – however rare they are – that our clients may experience, such as trouble recovering data from corrupted file systems.

Challenge: A card that’s formatted past the point of no return…or is it?

The customer's Exascend Archon CFast card as received by Exascend's data rescue team
The customer’s Exascend Archon CFast.

One recent example is a client who came to us with an Exascend Archon CFast card he had accidentally formatted. In fact, the formatting was so thorough, that any residual data on the card was declared irrecoverable by the third-party data rescue team that the client first reached out to.

At Exascend, however, data is only truly gone when we say it is gone. The card in question was a 512 GB CFast 2.0 memory card. Our client had stored 460 GB’s worth of video footage. Upon initial investigation, our R&D team found that all data in the CFast card was coded “00,” and there was seemingly nothing left of the client’s footage.

Screenshot showing the seemingly empty state of the customer's Exascend CFast card
All data appears to be gone without a trace.

Solution: Exascend’s exclusive data recovery technology

Screenshot displaying some of the client's recovered footage.
The customer’s recovered RED footage in all its glory.

But with Exascend’s exclusive data recovery technology, there was still a ray of hope. Our R&D team first updated the card’s firmware to one that had been specifically developed by Exascend for retrieving data from the electromagnetic state of NAND flash cells. After that, data was restored back to the CFast card’s logical space.

Finally, using Exascend’s special file system recovery technology, our engineers were able to rescan the logical space of the memory card from the host side and reconstruct the file system. By the end of the day, all 460 GB of files of were successfully rescued and the entire file system was re-built.


Exascend’s memory cards come with a generous five-year warranty offering free replacements and repairs. We also provide exclusive data recovery services, including hardware repair and data rescue, giving your data the best possible shot at full recovery. With Exascend’s memory cards, you can always rest assured that your data is in safe hands – even when a data disaster strikes.

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