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ImageProduct seriesModel nameInterfaceForm factorFlash typeCapacity (GB)Max. seq. read (MB/s)Max. seq. write (MB/s)Operational temperatureTBW (max.)Inquiryhf:categorieshf:att:pa_form-factorhf:att:pa_capacityhf:att:pa_op-temp
EXPA4Q960GBPCIe 4.0 (NVMe 1.4)M.2 (2242)3D TLC96032001800Industrial (-40–85°C)600
pa4 pcie-gen4m-2-22421-tbindustrial-temp
EXPA4Q1920GBPCIe 4.0 (NVMe 1.4)M.2 (2242)3D TLC192032003000Industrial (-40–85°C)1200
pa4 pcie-gen4m-2-22422-tbindustrial-temp
Exascend PI4 M.2 2242
EXPE4Q1920GBPCIe 4.0 (NVMe 1.4)M.2 (2242)3D TLC192032003000Commercial (0–70°C)2000
pe4 pcie-gen4m-2-22422-tbcommercial-temp
Exascend PI4 M.2 2242
EXPE4Q960GBPCIe 4.0 (NVMe 1.4)M.2 (2242)3D TLC96032001800Commercial (0–70°C)1000
pe4 pcie-gen4m-2-22421-tbcommercial-temp
Exascend PI4 M.2 2242
EXPI4Q1920GBPCIe 4.0 (NVMe 1.4)M.2 (2242)3D TLC192032003000Industrial (-40–85°C)1200
pi4 pcie-gen4m-2-22422-tbindustrial-temp
Exascend PI4 M.2 2242
EXPI4Q960GBPCIe 4.0 (NVMe 1.4)M.2 (2242)3D TLC96032001800Industrial (-40–85°C)600
pi4 pcie-gen4m-2-22421-tbindustrial-temp
Exascend enterprise-grade M.2 2242 SATA SSD
EXSI2Q240GBSATA-III, 6.0GbpsM.2 (2242)MLC240530350Industrial (-40–85°C)150
si2 sata-3m-2-2242256-gbindustrial-temp
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