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Maximum sequential read (MB/s)

 MB/s MB/s

Maximum sequential write (MB/s)

 MB/s MB/s

Minimum sustained read (MB/s)

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Minimum sustained write (MB/s)

 MB/s MB/s
*Random performance of Enterprise-class devices is measured with full drives.

Operational temperature

Drive writes per day (DWPD)

Terabytes written (TBW)


Recommended applications

ImageProduct seriesModel nameInterfaceForm factorFlash typeCapacity (GB)Max. seq. read (MB/s)Max. seq. write (MB/s)Operational temperatureTBW (max.)DWPD (max.) JESD218Inquiry
Exascend CFexpress CFE4
EXPC3E128GBPCIe 3.0 (NVMe 1.2)CFexpress Type B3D TLC12817001500Commercial (-10–70°C)1500.3
Exascend CFexpress CFE4
EXPC3E001TBPCIe 3.0 (NVMe 1.2)CFexpress Type B3D TLC102417001700Commercial (-10–70°C)6000.3
Exascend CFexpress CFE4
EXPC3E512GBPCIe 3.0 (NVMe 1.2)CFexpress Type B3D TLC51217001700Commercial (-10–70°C)3000.3
Exascend CFexpress CFE4
EXPC3E256GBPCIe 3.0 (NVMe 1.2)CFexpress Type B3D TLC25617001700Commercial (-10–70°C)3000.3
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