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Restricted access, fortified security

Typically, flash storage devices can be used freely in any application and equipment. Just plug it in, and you can start reading and writing data on the device.

While this provides a lot of flexibility, it comes with some risks. Perhaps you want to make sure that only specific devices can access the data within, or perhaps you want to avoid the risk that any unauthorized device accidentally overwrites data stored within.

Real flexibility means having the flexibility to restrict device access as well.

Access Guard is an exclusive Exascend technology that limits access to the flash storage device to a select device or a select number of devices. This makes it impossible for non-approved devices to gain access to data stored within or to write new data to the storage. In approved devices, however, a storage device using Exascend’s Access Guard technology behaves just like any normal storage device – making Access Guard a seamless way to enhance security.

Access Guard makes it easy to avoid both illicit and accidental data tampering, is compatible with virtually any device and is highly customizable – making it a powerful tool in many applications.

Recommended applications


Industrial applications demand unwavering performance in challenging environments.

Mission critical

Reliability comes second to none in mission critical applications – where failure is not an option.


Excel under enterprise-level workloads day after day.


Next-generation telecom requires ultra-fast storage devices that excel in any environment.

Edge computing

The edge puts storage devices up against severe environmental challenges and unique demands.

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