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Over-provisioning (OP) is an industry-standard functionality used in flash storage devices that improves performance and drive durability. By setting aside a certain percentage of the drive’s total capacity, the storage device can more efficiently carry out critical internal processes such as garbage collection, wear-leveling and bad block management.

Typically, over-provisioning is restricted to fixed thresholds between zero and 28 percent, providing users with only a limited ability to optimize their storage device’s OP for their application. 

Exascend’s exclusive Unlimited Over-Provisioning technology eliminates these restrictions. Instead, it provides users with unlimited flexibility in setting the perfect level of over-provisioning for their application – tailoring OP for specific workloads and operational requirements.

Why settle for less than what makes your application perform at its best?

Recommended applications


Industrial applications demand unwavering performance in challenging environments.


Excel under enterprise-level workloads day after day.


Next-generation telecom requires ultra-fast storage devices that excel in any environment.

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