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Firmware Integrity Plus™

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Fail-safe firmware

Firmware corruption and firmware loss are rare events that risk rendering storage devices entirely inoperable under critical operation.

Firmware Integrity Plus™ is an advanced Exascend-engineered technology that keeps multiple firmware images backed up and ready to replace a faulty firmware image at a moment’s notice – eliminating the risk that a potentially catastrophic event puts the mission outcome in jeopardy. 

Firmware Integrity Plus™ provides an extra layer of protection against device malfunction – perfect for equipment used in mission-critical applications.

Because sometimes the worst thing might just happen at the very worst time.

Unless you take the right precautions.

Recommended applications


Industrial applications demand unwavering performance in challenging environments.

Mission critical

Reliability comes second to none in mission critical applications – where failure is not an option.


Excel under enterprise-level workloads day after day.

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