Mission critical

When failure is not an option

3... 2... 1... Liftoff! Every time.

Mission critical applications require only the best. As the name explicitly states, the mission is critical – and failure is not an option – no matter what challenges stand in its way. Even in the face of harsh conditions and unexpected variables, every component must continue operating at its best.

Are your devices ready for action?

Pilot navigating his aircraft in a tropical archipelago

Ready for action. Without exception.

Protection against failure is vitally important in mission critical applications. No matter what the cause, a failure must not jeopardize the successful outcome of a mission.

Guaranteeing successful outcomes every time and over time requires not only the best components and devices, but also impeccable quality control and a perfect fit for the intended application. Component and feature redundancy also serve as important safeguards that protect against unexpected contingencies.

Most importantly, mission critical applications each present unique sets of challenges and requirements that equipment and components must be able to tackle. Being up for the task means being customized for the mission at hand.

Shot of rockets stored in an aerospace plant in the United States
Mission control team ensuring the successful completion of a mission in space

Mission critical applications involve any and all types of challenges: extreme heat and freezing temperatures, arid climates and humid environments, extreme mechanical stress, magnetism and electrical interference and more.

While requirements can vary, they always include being able to deal with unique and tough operating environments while providing ample security. This, combined with other considerations such as sustained performance, feature sets, unique form factors and technologies, etc., make customization a key requirement for devices used in the mission critical sector.

Not unlike how staff are equipped and trained for each mission to raise the chances of success, hardware used in mission critical application must also be equipped with the right features and technologies to be at their best.

NASA spacecraft orbiting the earth

Key challenges

Extreme environments and unique threats

Mission critical applications present extreme environmental challenges and unique threats to device integrity and functionality.

Fail-safe for life

Mission success is critical, leaving no room for error or fatal device malfunctions. Top-level stability and device reliability are absolute must – as is providing maximum security.

Customized everything

Unique form factors, unique technologies and unique features are necessary to guarantee a perfect fit and performance you can count on no matter what.

Our solutions

Devices engineered for maximum ruggedness

Our industrial-class storage devices are designed for extreme ruggedness at both the hardware and firmware levels, guaranteeing enterprise-level performance everywhere.

Unparalleled stability and security

We optimize our products to deliver top-level sustained performance, delivering best-in-class stability and performance in any environment. This, combined with our security features, means that our products are always ready for action.

Customization like no other

We provide the industry’s most extensive customization services with thorough customization of both hardware and firmware always available as an option.

Engineering and design team discussing a product currently in development

Recommended technologies

TCG Opal 2.0

Our SSDs’ compliance with the TCG Opal 2.0 specifications protects user data from unauthorized access with features such as hardware encryption and LBA-based read/write permissions while guaranteeing industry-wide device interoperability.


Exascend’s secure storage solutions offer the highest level of data protection with virtually unbreakable AES-256 encryption, guaranteeing unbeatable encryption compliant with federal agencies’ stringent data security requirements.

Custom Data Sanitization

The best way to purge data rapidly is the way that works in tandem with your applications and operating procedures. That is why Exascend offers fully customizable secure data sanitization that leaves no data behind.

Dual Power Loss Protection

In the event of sudden loss of power, our hardware and firmware power loss protection provide two invaluable extra lines of defense against data integrity issues, guaranteeing that all in-flight data is safely stored before controlled storage device shutdown.

Wide Temperature

Exascend’s wide temperature technology leverages a unique combination of high-quality components, purpose-designed hardware and highly-optimized firmware to deliver unmatched wide temperature performance and stability.

Recommended products

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