Exascend Partners with Saga Components to Deliver Trusted Advanced Storage Solutions in Nordic Region

Exascend, a service-oriented provider of innovative storage and memory solutions, and SAGA Components, a Nordic-based electronic component design services and distribution company, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to offer Exascend’s products to SAGA Components‘ customers.

This partnership integrates Exascend’s cutting-edge storage technology with SAGA Components’ industrial-grade components, offering unparalleled performance, reliability, and durability. Exascend’s comprehensive range of storage products, including PCIe SSDs, SATA SSDs, BGA SSDs, e.MMC, DRAM, and memory cards, aim to meet the stringent requirements of mission-critical, automotive, manufacturing, and data center industries.

The product lineup includes award-winning automotive-grade BGA SSDs (AS500 series), designed to withstand automotive-grade temperatures (-40°C to 105°C) and extreme shock and vibration, ensuring sustained peak performance. Additionally, the latest series of radiation-hardened PCIe NVMe SSDs (PR4 series) ensures advanced radiation-induced bit flip correction and dual-copy firmware protection. In critical situations, the PR4 SSD seamlessly transitions into safe mode, autonomously resetting from fatal errors to ensure uninterrupted operations. 


About Exascend

Exascend is a service-oriented provider of cutting-edge storage and memory solutions, specializing in low-power, high-performance, and high-reliability products. With more than 60 patents worldwide, we offer a wide range of storage solutions including SSDs, memory cards, managed NAND, and DRAM. With end-to-end capabilities spanning hardware, firmware, software, engineering, manufacturing, and customization, we empower global customers to push the boundaries of innovation, offering quality, reliability, and flexibility. Learn more at exascend.com.

About SAGA Components

Saga Components is a trusted supplier of industrial-grade and enterprise-class components, including controllers, NAND flash memory, and other critical components. With a strong emphasis on quality and reliability, Saga Components has become a preferred partner for businesses seeking high-performance components for their applications. For more information, visit: https://www.sagacomponents.com/.

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