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In addition to advanced LDPC ECC, the ultimate protection Exascend developed to ensure data integrity in rare event of NAND failure: RAID feature operates on NAND Flash block granularity to recover and rebuild data from severe corruption. This feature enables data recovery and further guarantees data integrity under any circumstances.

Wide Temperature

Only top-quality design and components can withstand wide temperature (-40~85C operational temperature) operation. Complementing our expertise in design and BOM selection, Exascend have in-house facility and internally developed validation and manufacturing process to guarantee system-level wide temperature support, this is an optional service available to all Exascend products.

Multiple firmware backup

Loss of firmware is an uncommon event but does happen rarely and unexpectedly, at the most un-opportune situation. Exascend developed multiple firmware image backup scheme to ensure, in an event of a firmware image corruption, backups copies are readily available and corrupted image is repaired automatically, restoring system integrity. This feature is another extra layer of protection to safeguard devices from malfunction.

Adjustable overprovisioning

OP (Over-provision) can be configured to achieve specific level of performance or targeted endurance. Normally this feature is offered with limited adjustment of a certain percentage, Exascend is providing un-limited OP adjustments, all our SSDs can be uniquely tuned.


A Technology that enables the TLC Nand to behave like SLC Nand, which allows the SSD to run on SLC performance provides a substantial boost in both sequential read and sequential write speeds.

TCG Opal

Initiated by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), committed to provide specific security system mainly focus on hardware security protection, TCG Opal is a set of specifications describing the protocol to communicate with self-encrypting disk drive, features include shadow MBR (Pre-Boot Authentication), LBA based read / write permissions, and AES 256-bit Hardware Encryption.

Custom secure erase

One common feature in defense applications is rapid purging of sensitive data, Exascend offers customized secure erase, supporting normal erase, software and hardware trigger-based data sanitization complying multiple government agency erase protocols, guaranteeing fast data removal from the device.

Ultra-fast response time

Looking beyond sequential transfer rate and the random IOPS, our products are developed targeting ultra-fast response time (low latency) and QoS consistency. Escalating performance requirements in embedded industrial applications, and the emergence of high-speed PCIe NVMe SSD, latency and QoS (Quality of Service) is quickly becoming key metrics.


AES 256-bit security is very popular for general usage of basic security protection, Exascend is offering significantly more rigorous hardware encryption – US Agency certified FIPS197, to fulfill the highest data security requirements.

Adaptive Thermal Control

Exascend patented feature, a dynamic, self-adjustive algorithm to improve drive reliability and keep the sustained performance at the highest level while preventing the SSD from overheating.

Firmware encryption

To better protect data from intended hacking attempts or unintended accidental modification comprising data security, Exascend developed firmware encryption with cryptographic signature, so un-authorized firmware modifications are rejected, ensuring the brain of the SSD is not manipulated nor copied.

Data retention

Exascend developed the algorithm to periodically refresh data contents on the drive ensuring data residing in NAND Flash cells are in always in the correct state.

Power loss protection

In addition to standard firmware algorithm based sudden power loss protection to ensure data integrity, Tantalum capacitors are available as an optional feature for end users to guarantee all in-flight data are safely stored.

Configurable performance & power

Exascend products’ power consumption and thermal profile can be modified based on usage requirement. As performance continues to rapidly evolve, power and thermal consideration becomes more important in embedded applications, Exascend is uniquely positioned to provide consulting advise and tailored solutions. We provide hardware and firmware customization to customers to achieve the highest performance to thermal, performance to power ratio.


Besides having Over-Provision (OP) implemented Exascend’s advance firmware algorithm will monitor the ratio of free blocks availability and usage, prioritize and regulate the response time in order to avoid any sudden decrease or increase in free blocks, thus to ensure consistent high performance.
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