Mike from Mediaman Studio using Exascend's enterprise-class U.2 SSD

Upgrade your post-production workflow and speed with an Exascend SSD-equipped QNAP NAS

At Exascend, we’re all about cinematography and delivering innovative products that make cinematographers’ lives a little bit easier. For example, our memory cards eliminate the risk of dropped frames during shoots and our card readers offload footage for post-production in no time. 

Going from vision to shoot to post-production and a finished product should never be held back by technology, right?

Fortunately for us, flash storage is a critical part of the entire cinematography journey. High-quality and high-speed flash storage devices like CFast and CFexpress cards make an enormous difference for users and even entire productions. Storage that works no matter what a shoot throws at it means peace of mind and no wasteful reshoots. But what about post-production?

First, you have to get your footage from your Exascend CFast or CFexpress card to your post-production storage. Our ultra-fast CFast and CFexpress readers will do just that. 

Next, you’ll want to store and work on your footage in a central location accessible by you and your colleagues: a NAS

What NAS? And using what kind of storage? We’ll let our friend Mike over at Mediaman Studio do the talking, but here’s a hint: a NAS from our partners over at QNAP together with enterprise-class Exascend SSDs may just change the way you do post-processing forever.

Check out the video from Mediaman Studio below:

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