PE3 Series

The PE3 enterprise SSD squeezes PCIe Gen3 speeds and 3D TLC NAND storage up to 7.68TB  into versatile M.2 2280 and U.2 drives, unleashing performance with efficiency for scalable solid state across racks or arrays. Product Specs and Datasheet →

PCIe 3.0
NVMe 1.2



NAND flash

Up to

0 TB


Up to

0 MB/s

Sustained read

Up to

0 MB/s

Sustained write

Unrivaled Enterprise PCIe Gen3 SSD

Exceptional Capacity

Excelling in strategic partnerships and optimized engineering, our PE3 series packs immense density up to 7.68TB while ensures reliability and longevity for extensive data processing.

Uncompromising Performance

With 110/25 μs random read/write latency and 3,200/2,000 MB/s sustained read/write speeds, the PE3 series delivers exceptional performance to power servers and benchmarks under intensive workloads.

Fully Customizable Flash Storage Solutions

By collaborating with top-tier NAND flash vendors and SSD controller manufacturers, we have engineered a bespoke firmware architecture that seamlessly unites advanced hardware and innovative design. This empowers flash storage, providing tailored solutions for success.

NVMe SSD Made for Enterprise Workloads

Exascend’s PE3 enterprise NVMe SSD series offers editions to match diverse needs:

Recommended forSystem boot and journalingRead-intensive workloadsMixed enterprise workloadsExtreme, intensive workloads
Form FactorsM.2 2280M.2 2280, U.2M.2 2280, U.2M.2 2280, U.2
Capacity240GB / 480GB240GB to 7.68TB480GB to 3.84TB240GB to 1.92TB
DWPD (JESD219 enterprise)1 for 5 years0.6 for 5 years1.5 for 5 years5 for 5 years

Product Specs and Datasheet →

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Featured Storage Technologies


Optimized Thermal and Write Performance

Our Adaptive Thermal Control™ technology enhances system thermals, airflow, and acoustics, reducing BOM costs. The SuperCruise™ algorithm optimizes write performance, boosting long-term stability and overall reliability.


Dual Power Loss Protection (PLP)

Through a combination of hardware and firmware-based PLP, we institute a robust safeguard against data integrity complications during abrupt power outages. This dual protection mechanism ensures that all data in transit is securely stored before any shutdown occurs.


Data Integrity and Retention

Exascend employs advanced firmware technologies such as RAID ECC and Data Path Protection to mitigate the likelihood of data errors and facilitate error detection and correction during data transmission. Additionally, our Data Retention Plus™ technology refreshes stored data based on usage patterns, ensuring data reliability.


Data Security and Encryption

TCG Opal 2.0-compliant, our self-encrypting drives (SEDs) support AES-256 encryption, BitLocker, and IEEE 1667. Customize with pre-boot authentication (PBA), data sanitization, and Tamper-Proof Firmware for enhanced security.


Tailored Over-Provisioning Capabilities

Exascend's Unlimited Over-Provisioning technology allows users to set the optimal level of over-provisioning for their applications, customizing it to suit specific workloads and operational requirements.


Enhanced Power Efficiency

Our control in hardware, firmware and manufacturing allows unmatched power tuning services. Tailoring product performance for your applications achieves optimal performance-to-thermal and performance-to-power ratios.

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