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5G. mmWave. Full-fiber broadband. Wi-Fi 6.

Global telecommunications is experiencing a period of rapid change with massive upgrades to wireless and wired connectivity across mobile networking, Wi-Fi and broadband underway. Faster networks and added bandwidth means new business opportunities and new innovations.

Are you positioned to capitalize on the future of telecom? 

Globe with network nodes demonstrating international connectivity

Extreme speed. Minimal latency.

Enabling the blazing-fast, massive-bandwidth and low-latency future promised by new networking standards requires high-performing equipment in every part of the new networking infrastructure – whether in physical antennas, base stations or backend infrastructure.

Only then will the end user be able to enjoy the uncompromised performance promised by the ongoing telecom revolution.

However, uncompromised performance for end users requires components designed to deliver exceptional performance without buckling under the extreme workloads associated with widescale networking infrastructure. That is more than most can handle.

Industrial environment made smarter with modern telecom solutions
Enterprise-type data processed in a datacenter

To achieve low latency, every nanosecond matters. Even the slightest delay in response from components used throughout the infrastructure can translate into a broken promise of low latencies for the end user, providing a disappointing next-generation telecommunications experience.

Similarly, only hardware that can process and transmit data at an incredible speed will provide satisfactory connection bandwidth for end users – whether consumers devices or edge infrastructure.

Energy efficiency and ruggedness are also important key requirements in many modern telecommunications applications. With the massive scale of telecom infrastructure, maintaining a small energy footprint is vitally important. As is ensuring that equipment remain fully operable with little maintenance, no matter where they are deployed.

Workers maintaining a telecommunications tower used for mobile networks

Key challenges

Extreme performance

The point of new telecommunications infrastructure is higher bandwidth, higher connection density, and lower latencies. And all hardware must be able to keep up.

Tough environments

Telecommunications devices are deployed far and wide, including in environmentally-exposed infrastructure as well as in challenging industrial environments. For such applications, ample ruggedness is an absolute must.

Cost-efficient maintenance

The scale of telecommunications infrastructure is vast, which means that maintenance needs to be kept at a minimum to make infrastructure investments economically feasible.

Our solutions

Telecom performance in excess

Our storage devices provide incredible performance that meet and exceed the requirements of next-generation telecommunications infrastructure. 

Tuned to tackle any challenge

With Exascend’s unique customization and tuning services, we make sure that our devices provide the best possible performance in tough environments and facing any workload.

Uniquely reliable flash storage devices

We engineer our devices to provide the highest levels of reliability, ensuring that maintenance and repairs can be kept to a minimum.

Machinery used in SSD production

Recommended technologies


Ultra-fast response time

Optimizes storage devices for ultra-low latencies and QoS consistency in order to provide stable high-quality service.



Enables data recovery and guarantees data integrity under any circumstances by utilizing RAID operating on flash block granularity to recover and rebuild data.


Data retention

Periodically refreshes data content on the storage device, ensuring that data residing in the flash cells are always in the correct state.


Configurable performance & power

Enables the storage device's power consumption and thermal profile to be modified to achieve the highest performance-to-thermal and performance-to-power ratios.


Adjustable overprovisioning

Allows over-provisioning to be configured to achieve specific levels of performance and endurance – without being limited to certain thresholds as with other module houses. ​

Recommended products

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