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Write Protection

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Easily protect your data from overwrite

Write Protection is a straightforward but extremely effective technology that avoids that the host writes any data to the storage device. When triggered, Write Protection sets the flash storage device to read-only mode, thus allowing the host machine to access data as usual while being unable to write (or overwrite) any additional data.

Exascend’s implementation of Write Protection is triggered by the user using either firmware or hardware – such as a physical trigger – and restricts the host device from deleting or making any changes to the data stored within the device. 

We also offer deep customization of Write Protection, allowing the feature to be triggered using purpose-designed firmware and hardware tailored for your application’s unique requirements.

Recommended applications


Industrial applications demand unwavering performance in challenging environments.

Modern productivity setup for business users

Enable users to always perform at their best, no matter where they are or how they work.

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