Exascend's Z CAM-certified CFast lineup

Z CAM certified

Exascend CFast 2.0

Optimized for sustained cinematography performance

The official

CFast 2.0

for Z CAM

Unlock the power of


Extreme performance
0 MB/s
Minimum read
0 MB/s
Minimum write
Flexible capacity options
1 TB
0 GB
0 GB
0 GB
Exascend's 1 TB CFast card for Z CAM E2

Store the world with Exascend

Storage designed for your Z CAM

For true professionals

Professional photographer using Exascend's Archon CFast card
Professional shooting a movie scene using Exascend's storage solutions

Enterprise-class excellence

All the performance and impeccable stability required in enterprise applications…

…in a compact and rugged CFast card. 

Truly uncompromised cinematography storage.

Hardened against the elements

No shot is too demanding for Exascend’s Z CAM-optimized CFast cards. 

Designed with industrial-grade hardware and firmware, our CFast cards can take a beating and excel in tough environments. Without a single dropped frame. 

Factory Data Recovery

The worst thing that can happen to great footage is catastrophic data loss. 

With Exascend’s factory data recovery service, our engineers – who designed the hardware and firmware in the first place – put all the tools at their disposal to recover your data.

Catastrophe averted. 

Unmatched stability. No dropped frames. Ever.

Z CAM wordmark

Other compatible brands

Blackmagic Design, Canon, Atomos and Hasselblad systems are also compatible with Exascend's CFast 2.0

Exascend Z CAM CFast 2.0

Exascend's 1 TB CFast card for Z CAM E2

1 TB

Exascend's 512 GB CFast card for Z CAM E2

512 GB

Exascend's 256 GB CFast card for Z CAM E2

256 GB

Exascend's 128 GB CFast card for Z CAM E2

128 GB

Looking for something else?

Exascend also offers leading industrial and enterprise-grade storage products. Take a look!

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