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All about the unique technologies that enable us to bring out the best in your applications.

Take your applications to the next level

We develop our technologies with one mission in mind: taking your applications to the next level. Whether you require performance, ruggedness, stability or security – we offer uniquely capable technologies for giving your applications a real storage upgrade.

What makes our storage technologies different

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Our own hardware and firmware design

Our approach to hardware and firmware is what makes our solutions so different. We are fully in control of our hardware and firmware solutions, building unique products and designing unique technologies from the ground up. 

This means is that we can optimize our products for a certain outcome at the deepest hardware and firmware levels, from selecting the perfect materials to writing the firmware source code.

Or put in other words, Exascend is not a module house that simply combines off-the-shelf components with turn-key solutions and calls it a day. We believe in going a few steps further – and our technological achievements show why that is the right approach to storage innovation.

Unique partnership with Marvell

Exascend’s unique strategic partnership with Marvell combines the best controllers in the industry with our hardware expertise and industry-leading firmware design. 

That way, we can squeeze out every last drop of performance out of our SSD controllers while enjoying unlimited freedom to create new technologies.

In-house manufacturing and validation

There is a lot of trial and error involved in bringing innovative technologies to life. Doing everything in-house makes that a painless and fast process that we have perfected down to a T.

Exclusive technologies

Our unique Adaptive Thermal Control™ technology tackles the issue of overheating and thermal throttling that is unavoidable in high-performance PCIe NVMe flash storage devices. 

Exascend offers unlimited over-provisioning (OP), allowing customers to set the ideal level of OP to match their application’s exact demands. No artificial limitations. Unlimited flexibility.

Exascend’s Neutron Shield™ technology shields your data from neutron-induced single-event upsets (SEUs). Caused by cosmic rays and other types of ionizing radiation, SEUs jeopardize data integrity in any type of application.

Exascend leverages firmware encryption with tamper-proof cryptographic signatures. This eliminates the risk of malicious firmware tampering that may otherwise compromise the very heart of the storage device.

SuperCruise™ is a signature Exascend technology that optimizes write performance for stability – ensuring unbeatable stable write performance even in the most demanding applications. 

The best way to purge data rapidly is the way that works in tandem with your applications and operating procedures. That is why Exascend offers fully customizable secure data sanitization that leaves no data behind.

Exascend’s Firmware Integrity Plus™ eliminates the risk that firmware corruption renders the flash storage completely inoperable by keeping multiple firmware backups ready for deployment at a moment’s notice.

Data Retention Plus™ dynamically refreshes data stored on the Exascend storage device based on usage patterns. This facilitates even drive wear leveling and strengthens data retention.

RAID ECC is an advanced Exascend technology that combines the power of RAID with NAND flash block granularity, allowing the storage device to rebuild even severely corrupted data.

Our flash storage devices are optimized for ultra-low latency and high QoS – going beyond a focus on raw speed to also ensure that our devices meet the ever-growing demands for low-latency and high-reliability operation.

Exascend blends the best of enterprise and industrial storage with the extreme-capacity configurations usually limited to low-end consumer class storage. Why choose one or the other when our firmware technologies can provide the best of both worlds?

Exascend’s Access Guard technology limits access to the flash storage device to pre-approved devices – enhancing security while giving system operators more control over how storage devices are used.

Exascend’s data path protection technology guarantees the highest level of data integrity by leveraging error-checking throughout the data’s entire path from host computer to the NAND flash and back. 

Our unique level of control over hardware, firmware and manufacturing enables us to provide unmatched tuning services. By tuning the performance of our product specifically for your applications, we can achieve the highest possible performance to thermals and performance to power ratios.

Afterburner is a performance-enhancing Exascend technology that leverages SLC cache to boost sequential read and write speeds in storage devices with 3D TLC NAND.

SmartStream™ is a unique Exascend technology that monitors data write behaviors in order to select the best clock rate for the device, improving  power performance and energy efficiency in any use case.

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