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Exascend is a leader in industrial and enterprise data storage, specializing in fully customizable, in-house developed advance storage solution, delivering enterprise-grade performance and stability to high-reliability applications. Established in 2006 by a group of engineers with deep experience in solid state storage, our passion is creating value added, best in class SSDs for embedded and server applications.

Recognizing the benefit in-house development brings to our customer, our products are engineered from the ground up. Since founding, we have accumulated over 45 US and worldwide patents on SSD technology, firmly establishing us as a global innovation leader in flash storage solutions. Exascend pioneered the design and manufacturing of industrial SSD, starting from our 100% internally developed hardware and firmware, on to our validation suite, ISO 9001 certified manufacturing and quality management process, enabling unrivaled quality and customer service response.

For over 10 years, our solutions are qualified and deployed by Fortune 500, top defense contractors and government agencies around the world. As storage applications across different industries evolve into their own unique set of requirements, we continue to deliver superiorly engineered, most reliable and innovative solutions from one generation to the next.

Exascend products are tailored to serve customer needs and optimize user experience while meeting the highest technology & safety requirements, empowering them to push the boundaries of what is possible. We endeavor to be the most respected provider of reliable, customized storage solution across industrial and enterprise space.


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