About Exascend

Pioneering Data Storage Innovation Since 2016

At Exascend, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of data storage to empower breakthrough innovations. Established in 2016, our name signifies the fusion of “exabyte” and “ascend,” encapsulating our commitment to propelling capacities into the exabyte era and beyond.

Our mission is to provide optimized, cutting-edge storage solutions that streamline workflows for industrial pioneers and professional cinematographers. By facilitating efficient data capture, storage and processing, we aim to unlock our customers’ fullest creative and innovative potential. Our vision is to open an era of limitless possibility by enabling customers to transform ideas into groundbreaking innovations and visual storytelling. As a united team, we relentlessly progress data storage capabilities to empower the realization of even our customers’ boldest ambitions.

Technology Leadership

Our hardware and firmware solutions set us apart from the competition. We have full control over the design and development of our products, enabling complete customizability to meet our customers’ specific requirements – whether for elevated performance, unwavering durability and reliability, or fortified security.

Strategic Partnerships

We engineer top-tier data storage solutions through strategic alliances with premier NAND flash suppliers and SSD controller creators. By fusing their cutting-edge hardware with our customized firmware innovations, we unlock unmatched performance that pushes boundaries. Our partnerships across the ecosystem empower us to deliver high-performing, precisely-calibrated solutions that keep customers at the leading edge.

Storage Excellence for All Applications

Edge computing in a hyper-modern smart city

Edge Computing and IoT

Embedded and removable flash storage solutions with wide temperature ranges for edge computing and industrial IoT applications.

Enterprise storage application with flashing lights and numerous storage devices

Servers and Data Center

Enterprise-class, high-capacity, low-latency, self-encrypting NVMe and SATA SSDs for servers and data center workloads.


No matter the transportation application, vehicles and their equipment need to handle tough environments – and so must their storage devices.

Broadcast & Cinema

Professional cinematography applications demand unwavering flash storage performance that never drops a frame or risks ruining a shot.


Telecommunications are entering a new era with 5G, mmWave, Wi-Fi 6 and many more exciting new technologies that demand ultra-fast storage.


Challenging industrial applications require tough storage that can deal with extreme temperatures, non-stop vibrations and other challenges.


Automotive-grade, high-capacity, customizable SSDs, memory cards and managed NAND for ADAS and in-vehicle applications and systems.

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