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We are a team of storage industry veterans who had a vision of a better storage provider. Combining technology leadership with a passion for innovation and service, we created Exascend – a total storage solutions provider uniquely committed to its customers and solving the storage challenges of the future.

What makes Exascend different

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Customization through our own hardware and firmware design

Our hardware and firmware solutions set us apart from the competition. Unlike other companies that simply combine off-the-shelf components and call it a day, Exascend takes a unique approach. We have full control over the design and development of our products, creating innovative technologies from scratch.

This level of control allows us to optimize our products to achieve the best possible outcomes. We carefully select materials and write firmware source code at the deepest levels, ensuring that our solutions are perfectly tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

We believe in pushing the boundaries of storage innovation. We take pride in going the extra mile, and our commitment to excellence is evident in every product we create.

Strategic partnership with Marvell

Exascend’s partnership with Marvell combines the best controllers in the industry with our hardware expertise and industry-leading firmware design. This strategic partnership allows us to squeeze out every last drop of performance from our SSD controllers while enjoying flexibility to create new technologies.

In-house product design, validation, manufacturing and testing capabilities

Our ISO9001-certified quality management system (QMS) includes product traceability and 100% mass production (MP) testing before shipment, ensuring our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. As a result, we have been a trusted supplier to some of the Fortune 500 companies for more than 10 years.

Storage excellence for all applications

Our passion for storage technology drives everything we do. We believe that excellent storage can make a real difference in applications of all types.

Our experience in developing enterprise-class and industrial-grade storage products gives us a significant edge in tackling the world’s most demanding storage applications. For instance, our cinematography products combine extreme sustained performance with industrial ruggedness, delivering unparalleled cinematography performance even in the most challenging conditions.

As a global company, we’re committed to providing our clients with personalized service, no matter where they’re located. With sales representatives, field application engineers, and distribution partners around the world, we’re able to provide timely support and expert advice, ensuring that our clients have the tools they need to succeed.

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Discover our technologies

We develop our technologies with one mission in mind: taking your applications to the next level. Whether you require performance, ruggedness, stability or security – we offer uniquely capable technologies for giving your applications a real storage upgrade.

New technologies, interfaces, and form factors keep pushing the flash storage industry forward at a rapid pace. Exascend is a proud member of this innovative industry and fully committed to being a force for innovation, both as an early adopter and as an innovator of future industry standards. 

Explore our storage solutions


Designed for delivering maximum sustained performance under tough enterprise workloads.


Engineered for providing the industry’s best performance and endurance in rugged applications.


Built with the top performance and capacity in mind for data storage needs of the automotive industry.


Created for offering unbeatable value without compromising performance and stability.


Crafted together with true cinematography professionals for state-of-the-art video capture.

We are dedicated to your sector


Tackle challenging industrial environments that require only the best.

Aerospace and mission critical

Succeed in tough applications where failure is never an option.


Excel under enterprise-level workloads day after day.

Broadcast & cinema

Put the pinnacle of broadcast and cinema within your reach.


Thrive in demanding applications that are always on the move.


Upgrade your infrastructure and enable the next generation of connectivity.

Edge computing

Build the world of tomorrow with cutting-edge computing everywhere.


Development of next-gen autonomous and software-defined cars requires reliable data storage devices.

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