Aerospace and Mission Critical

Zero Tolerance for Storage Device Failures

Exascend provides rugged solid-state drives (SSDs) tailored to meet the extreme data storage demands of aerospace and other mission-critical applications. These environments present diverse challenges like extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, and interference that necessitate robust operation and high storage capacity.

Available in various form factors and capacities, our TAA-compliant SSDs are customizable with options for encryption, data purging, and more to guarantee performance. We take pride in offering industry-leading storage solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft, satellites, rugged computers, communication stations, and other critical systems that must effectively operate under demanding conditions. With Exascend, aerospace and related organizations gain a reliable, high-capacity storage partner purpose-built for their toughest challenges.

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Withstanding Humidity, Shock and Vibration

Designed to demanding military standards, our products feature MIL-STD-810 compliance along with protective conformal coating, and underfill technologies. This unmatched ruggedization enables resilience against shock, vibration, humidity and harsh environments.


Uncompromised data integrity

Our exclusive Neutron Shield™ technology provides unmatched protection against radiation-induced data integrity issues. Additionally, Exascend storage leverages RAID ECC, LDPC ECC and Data Path Protection firmware minimizing transmission errors. Dual power loss protection (PLP) technology also ensures data integrity during power failures.


Optimized Consistent Performance under Thermal Stress

Our Adaptive Thermal Control™ actively manages thermals, airflow and acoustics to maintain system performance and reduce heat dissipation costs. The SuperCruise™ algorithm further refines write performance for stability and reliability over the long-term.


Wide temperature

Exascend products are designed to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C. Our technology leverages a unique combination of high-quality components, purpose-designed hardware and highly-optimized firmware to deliver unmatched wide temperature performance and stability.


Secure Data Protection

Our self-encrypting drives (SEDs) support TCG Opal 2.0 with AES-256 encryption, BitLocker, and IEEE 1667. Customize by adding pre-boot authentication (PBA), data sanitization, and Tamper-Proof Firmware for stringent security requirements.


Enhanced Power Efficiency

Our control in hardware, firmware and manufacturing allows unmatched power tuning services. Tailoring product performance for your applications achieves optimal performance-to-thermal and performance-to-power ratios.

Why We Are Different

Customization through Our Own Hardware and Firmware Design

Our complete control over our hardware and firmware solutions, combined with our commitment to customization, allows us to address customer pain points and solve unique challenges. From selecting the ideal materials to writing the firmware source code, we work closely with our customers to deliver tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. 

In-House Product Design, Validation, Manufacturing and Testing Capabilities

Our ISO9001-certified quality management system (QMS) includes product traceability and 100% mass production (MP) testing before shipment, ensuring our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. As a result, we have been a trusted supplier to some of the Fortune 500 companies for years.

Use Cases

Truly unique form factor with ten SATA SSDs and 10-20 TB of storage on a single PCB combined with an advanced anti-shock and vibration-proof connector and PCB design, for an extremely challenging defense telemetry application.

M.2 PCIe SSD featuring hardware power loss protection (PLP) and custom data sanitization, for a rugged laptop storing sensitive data and operating in harsh environments.

E1.S NVMe SSD featuring hardware power loss protection (PLP) and MIL-I-46058C conformal coating, for a next-generation data logger employed on an aircraft.

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