Challenging industrial environments require only the best

Heat. Cold. Humidity. Vibrations. Shocks.

Life in industrial environments is tough. Machines vibrate, spin things around and slam things in their place. Temperatures go low and rise high. Flawless industrial precision, high speed and constant production are the expectation.

Is your equipment up for the task?

Offshore oil rig with an open flame that burns excess gas

Tough environments. Tougher requirements.

Industrial environments exert extreme environmental stress on equipment and their components while requiring meticulous precision and top-level performance.

At the scale that modern factories operate at, every percent matters. A single percent of extra performance can translate into millions of dollars of additional profits from higher efficiencies and higher yield. Now imagine the implications of a massive jump in performance.

However, every industrial application is different, requiring customized solutions that take every variable into account to generate performance and efficiency gains. One size fits all could not be further from the truth in industrial applications – putting an extra emphasis on customization.

Advanced industrial robots used in an automobile manufacturing facility
Wind turbines in an extreme low-temperature coastal environment

But performance is not all that matters. Especially not in industrial applications. If a five-percent boost in performance comes at a cost of even one percent in decreased reliability, the benefits of the increase in performance is only a malfunction away from being completely wiped out – or worse.

Similarly, an increase in device reliability can have a substantial impact on production uptime. A device malfunction that causes all production to stop translates into a massive decrease in output and therefore revenue. Troubleshooting equipment can also come at considerable costs.

The right balance between performance and reliability, in other words, can mean the difference between a huge boost in profits and a painful decrease in revenues. That is why finding the right partner matters.

Challenging industrial environment with extreme heat

Key challenges

Precision and performance above all

Advanced manufacturing processes rely on extreme precision and incredible performance to produce high-quality products at a staggering pace.

Extremely costly downtime

Downtime comes at a huge cost in industrial applications, emphasizing the critical importance of device stability and reliability.

Uniquely demanding

Since industrial applications vary greatly in terms of environmental challenges and requirements, every solution must be customized and tuned for its specific application.

Our solutions

Unbeatable performance

Our flash storage devices are designed to deliver the cutting-edge sustained performance that industrial applications require.

Unwavering stability

Our solutions put stability and reliability first – making sure that performance is stable and that modules remain operational no matter what challenges come their way.

Truly customized solutions

Exascend’s customization services are second to none with advanced in-house hardware and firmware tailoring – guaranteeing that each product is perfectly optimized for its intended application.

Engineering and design team discussing a product currently in development

Recommended technologies


Adaptive Thermal Control

Patented technology that improves device reliability and keeps sustained performance at the highest possible level while preventing overheating.


Adjustable overprovisioning

Allows over-provisioning to be configured to achieve specific levels of performance and endurance – without being limited to certain thresholds as with other module houses. ​


Configurable performance & power

Enables the storage device's power consumption and thermal profile to be modified to achieve the highest performance-to-thermal and performance-to-power ratios.


Power loss protection

In addition to standard firmware algorithm-based sudden power loss protection, tantalum capacitors are available as an optional feature to ensure that all in-flight data are safely stored in the event of a power failure.


Wide temperature

Uncompromised wide-temperature support made possible by industrial design, careful BOM selection, as well as stringent in-house manufacturing and validation.

Recommended products

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