An essential for your daily computing tasks

Ideal memory for PC and laptop

Upgrade with ease

Essential-X makes upgrading your laptop and desktop easy and affordable.

Level up performance

With SSD speeds up to 2,000 MB/s and RAM memory up to 32GB, you can boot up and load files fast.

Massive storage

With up to 4 TB of storage space, the Essential-X SSDs are ideal for storing all your important files.

Excellent reliability

Essential-X is rigorously tested for maximum reliability, and comes with Exascend's 5-year warranty.


Essential-X DDR4 3200 RAMs offer high speed and reliability – perfect for taking your PC performance to the next level. Available in standard and small-outline DIMM form factors, the DRAM modules will breathe new life into your desktop and laptop computers.


Essential-X SSDs utilize advanced flash management technologies such as Wear Leveling and LDPC ECC for high performance and reliability. They offer a TBW rating of up to 2400TB and are covered by Exascend’s generous five-year warranty.

Essential-X DRAM Solution

Key Features

Ultra-fast DDR4 RAM

Complies with JEDEC standard

For desktop & laptop

Up to 32GB capacity


Essential-X SSD Solution

Key Features

3D NAND technology

Extreme performance

Ultimate endurance

Up to 4TB capacity


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