Industrial-grade Memory Cards

Unmatched Performance, Durability, and Secure Data Solutions

Exascend’s industrial-grade removable cards, including CFexpress Type B, CFast, SD, and microSD, are engineered for seamless integration in diverse industrial applications. Powered by advanced 3D TLC NAND technology, LDPC ECC, and wear-leveling, these cards offer high data density, ample storage, and steadfast reliability. Purpose-built hardware and finely-tuned firmware ensure unmatched performance and stability, withstanding extreme environments. Featured technologies include LDPC ECC for data integrity, power loss protection (PLP) for seamless functionality, wide temperature tolerance, ruggedization meeting IP67 standards, customizable secure erase, and proprietary SuperCruise™ algorithm for optimized write performance. Exascend’s cards provide unparalleled durability and secure data solutions for industrial, automotive, mission-critical, and demanding applications.

CFexpress Cards

CFast Cards

SD Cards

microSD Cards

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