microSD100 SERIES

The Exascend microSD100 series is purpose-built for demanding write-intensive tasks like dashboard cameras, home surveillance systems, medical devices, and POS terminals. Leveraging cutting-edge 176-layer 3D TLC NAND flash technology, it boasts advanced features including LDPC ECC, wear leveling, IOPS optimization, and secure erase, ensuring unparalleled endurance and reliability. Product Specs and Datasheet →

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SD 6.0


176-layer 3D TLC

NAND flash

-25°C to 85°C

Operating temperature

Up to

0 GB


Up to

0 MB/s


High Endurance Industrial microSD Cards

Optimized for Write-Intensive Workloads

The microSD100 cards feature V30/U3/C10 speed class and A2 performance class. This ensures seamless support for continuous 24/7 video recording for up to 10,000 hours*, as well as processing high-resolution images and 4K footage at the edge.

*Assumes 4K recording has a bit rate of 60Mbps and uses a 128GB microSD card.

Robust Build

Benefit from the durable design of microSD100 cards, boasting IP67 dust and water resistance, X-ray safety, shockproof, and magnet proof features.

Consistent Reliability and Long-Term Support

We provide customers with steadfast Fixed BOM (Bill of Materials) solutions that ensure both product performance and long-term support.

Smart Health Monitoring

Easily track and monitor the health of your Exascend microSD300 cards with our SMART Tool software with a GUI.

Engineered for the Real World







Featured Storage technologies


Firmware power loss protection

Exascend's firmware power loss protection enables the flash storage device to quickly rebuild the mapping table when power is restored, ensuring seamless card functionality for the application.


Data integrity

By employing LDPC ECC and firmware read disturb protection, Exascend's memory cards can achieve high levels of data integrity, ensuring that the data remains intact and reliable even in the presence of errors.


Secure erase

Exascend provides customizable secure data sanitization, offering various options such as normal erase and software-triggered erase. This ensures fast and fully secure data purging.

Product information

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