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Optimizing SSD Write Performance for Long-Term Stability

SuperCruise™ stands as an advanced firmware technology exclusively developed by Exascend for its flash storage devices, enhancing write performance to ensure long-term stability.

Through the optimization of garbage collection, wear leveling, and TRIM functions within the SSD, the SuperCruise™ algorithm consistently oversees the flash storage’s free block production-to-consumption ratio. This intelligent control of read/write operations preserves consistent performance over time, providing unwavering and highly foreseeable write capabilities. This characteristic proves beneficial for continuous, high-volume data writing, eliminating abrupt declines or interruptions in video recordings.

Performance Comparison: Exascend's SuperCruise™ technology

Differing from competitors who solely focus on the initial SSD write access, SuperCruise™ prioritizes the endurance of steady, unwavering write performance over prolonged periods of use. This attribute proves indispensable for industrial clients and professional photographers who require enduring, reliable write functionality.

Integration of SuperCruise™ technology seamlessly harmonizes with Exascend’s industrial and CFexpress product lines. This integration presents a solution that ensures dependable, high-performance SSD writing. Its efficacy becomes particularly pronounced under conditions of heightened I/O access, catering adeptly to write-intensive applications like server/client configurations and cinematography.

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