Managed NAND

Compact, Rugged, and Reliable Storage Solutions

Exascend’s managed NAND solutions are meticulously engineered and customized to fulfill the precise demands of various applications, including automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics. Our solutions incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as error correction, wear leveling, and power loss protection. These features not only optimize performance but also ensure compliance with industry standards regarding durability, reliability, and temperature tolerance.

Featured storage technologies


Error Correction

By employing LDPC ECC and firmware read disturb protection, Exascend's e.MMC can achieve high levels of data integrity, ensuring that the data remains intact and reliable even in the presence of errors.


Power Loss Protection

Exascend's power loss protection enables the flash storage device to quickly rebuild the mapping table when power is restored, ensuring seamless card functionality for the application.


Wide Temperature

Exascend's e.MMC solutions are engineered to operate within an extreme temperature range of -40°C to 105°C, making them suitable for industrial, automotive, military, and other demanding applications.


Data Security

Exascend offers Secure Erase feature to guarantee swift and completely secure data deletion. Simultaneously, the Write Protection technology safeguards data stored on the flash storage device by configuring it into a read-only mode, effectively preventing the host device from altering or deleting any data.


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