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Exascend Appoints 1SourceVideo as Authorized Cinematography Product Distributor

Exascend, Inc., a leading provider of industrial-grade, enterprise-class and cinematography flash storage solutions, announces the appointment of U.S. video and cinematography distributor 1SourceVideo as an authorized distributor of Exascend products. 1SourceVideo will distribute Exascend’s leading cinematography memory cards and accessories – including best-in-class CFexpress, CFast, SD card and card readers – leveraging its extensive reseller network in the North and South American markets.

Bringing industry-leading storage solutions to cinematography professionals worldwide

Exascend’s fast-growing suite of cinematography storage products are taking the world by storm with extreme performance and reliability, generous warranty and unique technologies that guarantee the best possible cinematography performance for discerning cinema professionals.

Product lines such as the RED-approved Exascend Archon series of CFexpress and CFast cards for the RED V-RAPTOR and RED KOMODO systems and the well-received Essential series CFexpress, CFast and SD cards, Exascend is raising the bar for cinematography-optimized storage solutions.

With increasingly demanding camera systems and the booming file sizes that come with high-definition 8K and 12K RAW video capture, Exascend is thrilled to engage with a global community of professionals that crave products optimized to bring out the full potential of their high-end cinematography equipment.

Blending cutting-edge cinematography storage with first-class distribution in the Americas

Working together with the service-oriented team at 1SourceVideo, Exascend is excited to expand its engagement with the global cinematography professional and creator community even further. With the help of 1SourceVideo’s wide-ranging reseller network, professionals passionate about unlocking the true potential of their gear will now have access to Exascend’s cinematography and storage products through trusted retailers across the American continent.

“We are all about enabling professionals and creators to take their cinematography and studio workflows to the next level,” Christopher Chen, Business Development Manager at Exascend said. “With direct access to Exascend’s cinematography-optimized memory cards and card readers through retail partners of our friends over at 1SourceVideo, we’re now expanding that opportunity to even more users in North and South America.”

“1SourceVideo started in 1996 as a way to provide an all encompassing, one-stop shop for broadcast and video production professionals. Our philosophy has not changed to this day; to be able to provide solutions with products that work synergistically together. As a distributor we’ve had the pleasure of working with resellers from all across North and South America, big and small. From mom and pop camera stores, to world wide big-box and online retailers. When signing on a new line to represent we have to make sure they fill a need for our channel of resellers, and also meet our standards of a quality product that we would be proud to use ourselves. We are happy to announce that Exascend checked all the boxes which is why it was an easy decision to partner together,” Frank Conti, President and CEO of 1SourceVideo, commented on the announcement. “We are excited to move forward with a brand that is passionate and dedicated to their craft and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Product information and availability

Exascend cinematography products now available for procurement though 1SourceVideo include the RED-approved Exascend Archon series of CFexpress and CFast cards; the Exascend Essential series of CFexpress, CFast and SD cards; Exascend’s high-speed CFexpress, CFast and SD card readers; as well as Exascend’s enterprise-class PE3 series U.2 SSDs ideal for performance-hungry post-production equipment such as NAS and video editing PCs.

All products are available for immediate order on 1SourceVideo’s reseller portal.

About Exascend, Inc.

Exascend is a service-oriented provider of innovative standard and custom storage solutions specialized in low-power, high-performance, and high-reliability products. Since its founding, the company has been awarded more than 45 U.S. and worldwide patents on storage-related technologies. With full product lines of enterprise and industrial PCIe NVMe and SATA-III SSDs, CFastCFexpress cards and DRAM, Exascend’s capabilities span across hardware, firmware, software, product engineering, manufacturing and customization services. Exascend takes pride in enabling its global customers to push the boundary of possibilities and to differentiate with quality, reliability and flexibility – Engineering Inspiration to Innovation. For more information about Exascend, visit:

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