Exascend Partners with Taiwan-based Cheng Seng Group

Exascend, Inc., a leading provider of cinematography, industrial-grade, enterprise-class, and automotive-grade flash storage solutions, announces a newly formed partnership with Taiwan’s Cheng Seng Group Co. Ltd., a well-established distribution company for professional photography, film and television equipment. With the alliance, Exascend will be able to provide its comprehensive cinematography flash storage portfolio to the Taiwanese market.

Storage innovation for cinema professionals 

The partnership between Exascend and Cheng Seng Group encompasses Exascend’s entire cinematography product lineup, giving Taiwanese customers access to the latest technology in flash storage. Cinematographers and broadcasters will particularly benefit from the Exascend product lineup offered through Cheng Seng.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Cheng Seng’s team on bringing our cinematography products to consumers in Taiwan,” Frank Chen, the CEO of Exascend, said. “By combining Exascend’s R&D expertise with Cheng Seng’s industry knowledge and first-rate customer support, the alliance will enable Exascend to offer Taiwanese customers the best solutions and services.”

For many years, the Cheng Seng Group has been involved in the photography, video, film, and audio markets in the Asia-Pacific region, always focusing on distributing the highest quality products. “Your innovation, our motivation” is the spirit of the Cheng Seng Group. The group also adheres to the one-stop shopping concept and has established the csemart e-commerce platform, believing that if there is consumer demand, they will be able to meet it. In recent years, the Cheng Seng Group has also gained a deep understanding of market culture trends and in 2019, they represented podcast-related audio products, creating a podcast frenzy in Taiwan.

David Chiu, the General Manager of the Cheng Seng Group, said, “We highly appreciate Exascend’s products, especially their reliability and high efficiency, and we will promote Exascend memory cards and other products in the photography, video, and new media markets.”

About Exascend, Inc.

Exascend is a service-oriented provider of innovative standard and custom storage solutions specialized in low-power, high-performance, and high-reliability products. Since its founding, the company has been awarded more than 60 U.S. and worldwide patents on storage-related technologies. With full product lines of enterprise and industrial PCIe NVMe and SATA-III SSDs; CFastCFexpress, SD, microSD cards and card readers; and DRAM, Exascend’s capabilities span across hardware, firmware, software, product engineering, manufacturing and customization services. Exascend takes pride in enabling its global customers to push the boundary of possibilities and to differentiate with quality, reliability and flexibility – Inspiration to Innovation. For more information, visit: https://exascend.com/.

About Cheng Seng Group

Established in Taipei in 1959, Cheng Seng Group initially dealt with the distribution of photography and video equipment. After more than half a century of development, Cheng Seng Group has transformed into an international group that distributes high-end photo, video, broadcast, and audio equipment. In 2020, Cheng Seng Group also launched the CSEMART e-commerce platform and is set to establish its first CSEMART flagship store in 2023, dedicated to developing more brands and building Taiwan’s best new media shopping store. Cheng Seng upholds the business philosophy of “Integrity, Innovation, Professionalism, and Service.” By staying at the forefront, the company strives to ensure the continuous success of its customers.  For more information, visit: https://www.chengseng.com/EN/index.php

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