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Incorporating Military-Grade AES-256 Encryption for Unmatched Security

AES-256, also known as 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, is a highly secure method that has minimal impact on storage performance. It is an excellent choice for safeguarding data, even in scenarios where the storage device might fall into the wrong hands, providing robust protection against skilled adversaries.

The strength of AES-256 lies in its 256-bit encryption key, making it extremely resilient against brute-force attacks. Even with substantial computing power, breaking into a storage device protected by AES-256 would require an impractical amount of time.

Exascend employs a dedicated cryptographic processor integrated into its flash storage devices for AES-256 encryption. This design enables independent data encryption and decryption, ensuring software-independent military-grade encryption without compromising system performance. Exascend’s flash devices, featuring an encryption processor (SSD controller), efficiently manage these tasks, reducing reliance on host computing resources. As a result, even in applications demanding the highest secrecy, robust data protection is achieved with minimal performance impact.

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