Exascend and Mafico Join Forces to Redefine Media Storage across Benelux

Exascend, Inc., a leading provider of cinematography, industrial-grade and enterprise-class flash storage solutions, has partnered with the Benelux-based distributor Mafico. The collaboration aims to introduce Exascend’s cinematography products to customers across Benelux – an economic union formed by Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Innovative cinematography products for every cinema professional

Mafico now offers Exascend’s complete cinematography product lineup, providing customers with the opportunity to explore cutting-edge flash storage technology. This product range, tailored for professional cinematographers and photography enthusiasts, exemplifies Exascend’s commitment to delivering top-tier solutions.

“We are excited to introduce Exascend to Benelux and give the local community the chance to experience our cinematography products firsthand,” said Sherry Wei, Sales Vice President at Exascend. “The collaboration with Mafico opens up new possibilities, and we are eager to embark on exciting ventures together!”

About Exascend, Inc.

Exascend started by providing robust SSD solutions for industrial and enterprise applications. Then in 2020, it brought its technical capabilities to the world of cinema, with the goal of giving photographers and filmmakers the storage products they need to capture limitless creativity on camera. Exascend is committed to pushing storage innovation further to stay ahead of the camera technology curve – Inspiration to Innovation. For more information, visit: https://cinema.exascend.com/

About Mafico

Mafico, a distinguished distributor based in Benelux, stands at the forefront of providing innovative solutions in the technology and electronics sector. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, Mafico proceeds their reputation as a trusted partner for renowned global brands. Specializing in the distribution of advanced cinematography products, Mafico has an extensive network that reaches professionals and enthusiasts alike. Their dedication to delivering top-tier solutions makes them a compelling force in bringing state-of-the-art cinematography technology to the vibrant Benelux market. For more information, visit: https://mafico.com/.

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