Success Story: Exascend Radiation-Hardened SSDs Empower Space Data Processing

Embarking on extended five-year missions in space comes with its unique set of challenges, particularly for space payload processors. Daily data writing is extensive, demanding high-performance storage solutions to ensure data integrity and reliability. In this case study, we delve into the hurdles faced by space payload processors and how they successfully overcame them by incorporating Exascend’s PA4 series NVMe SSDs.

The foremost challenges plaguing processors centered on enduring demanding space conditions for long durations, managing simultaneous data writes from multiple sensors, preserving data integrity in the radiation-filled space environment, and maintaining safe thermal profiles without atmospheric heat dissipation.

To address these pressing problems, processors integrated Exascend’s customizable, automotive-grade PA4 series M.2 2280 NVMe SSDs after exhaustive testing confirmed their advantages. With robust error correction, enormous 8TB storage capacity, blistering write speeds, and thermally efficient operation, these drives empowered processors to fulfill rigorous five-year missions.

Subjecting the Exascend SSDs to a 20 kRad radiation dose yielded exceptional resilience to space radiation effects. By equipping their processors with these high-reliability drives, space agencies realized:

  • Enhanced data integrity from advanced error handling for radiation upsets
  • Extended longevity supporting continuous five-year data writes
  • Efficient thermal management for reliable functioning
Exascend’s PA4 series M.2 SSDs, designed with Conformal Coating, Underfill, and optional radiation-hardened technology, ensure optimal performance even in extreme environments.

Exascend’s hardened PA4 series NVMe SSDs enabled processors to overcome longevity, storage density, radiation, and thermal challenges. Their unique advantages mitigated the most pressing hurdles for space data collection across long durations, allowing agencies to push mission boundaries and gather essential scientific insights.

With customizable Exascend drives rising to the challenges of space, payload processors now wield unmatched capabilities to complete ambitious five-year missions with rigorous data workloads. This collaboration has unlocked invaluable potential to advance human space exploration.

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