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Exascend Expands in Asia With Nexcomm Asia Distribution Partnership

Exascend, Inc., a leading provider of industrial-grade, enterprise-class and cinematography flash storage solutions, joins hand with Singapore-based distributor Nexcomm Asia Pte Ltd. Exascend’s partnership with Nexcomm Asia extends the company’s geographical reach in Asia through Nexcomm Asia’s extensive distribution network in South and Southeast Asia – bringing Exascend’s best-in-class flash storage products to markets including India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Innovative flash storage products and unparalleled services for every market

Exascend’s partnership with Nexcomm Asia encompasses its entire product lineup, including brand-new product lines such as Exascend’s PI4 series industrial-grade PCIe Gen4 SSDs as well as legacy product lines such as industrial and enterprise SATA-III SSDs. The full product lineup offered through Nexcomm Asia features product lines suited for demanding application and discerning customers across sectors such as embedded computing, enterprise storage, transportation and professional cinematography.

The partnership with Nexcomm Asia also brings Exascend’s unique customization services to customers throughout the region, giving businesses the opportunity to enjoy fully tailored and individually optimized flash storage products.

“Working together with Nexcomm Asia gives us the opportunity to serve the Asian market with the best of what Exascend offers,” Frank Chen, Chief Executive Officer at Exascend, said. “Our strong partnership with Nexcomm Asia and their deep market expertise enable us to provide customers with uncompromised products and services like no other.”

Industrial-grade, enterprise-class and beyond

Exascend’s product lineup offered to customers in Asia through Nexcomm Asia features industrial-grade PCIe NVMe and SATA SSDs designed for demanding edge, industrial and transportation applications; enterprise-class and highly customizable storage solutions optimized for high-performance computing; cinematography-optimized memory cards and accessories; and enthusiast consumer storage products sold under Exascend’s Essential-X brand.

“Nexcomm Asia is honored to partner with Exascend to deliver advanced custom storage solutions within Southeast Asia. Together, we will expand the Exascend footprint and promote its entire product lineup,” said KJ Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Nexcomm Asia.

About Exascend, Inc.

Exascend is a service-oriented provider of innovative standard and custom storage solutions specialized in low-power, high-performance, and high-reliability products. Since its founding, the company has been awarded more than 45 U.S. and worldwide patents on storage-related technologies. With full product lines of enterprise and industrial PCIe NVMe and SATA-III SSDs, CFastCFexpress cards and DRAM, Exascend’s capabilities span across hardware, firmware, software, product engineering, manufacturing and customization services. Exascend takes pride in enabling its global customers to push the boundary of possibilities and to differentiate with quality, reliability and flexibility – Engineering Inspiration to Innovation. For more information, visit:

About Nexcomm Asia Pte Ltd

Founded in year 2005, Nexcomm Asia operates in countries namely India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and China. The team has vast knowledge of the electronics industry from design & prototyping to production & SCM with strong customer relationship. Nexcomm Asia cater to many OEMS and EMS globally through their distribution channels and are trusted partners of our suppliers. For more information, visit

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