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How would you describe the ideal enterprise-grade SSD? Enterprise applications only settle for the best; the highest capacity, the best performance, the highest reliability, and unwavering stability. Anything else would disappoint end users and cause unnecessary additional costs down the line.

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Enterprise-type data processed in a datacenter

Massive workloads. Mandatory performance.

The “enterprise” label carries a lot of weight even for users outside the enterprise sector. And for good reason.

Enterprise applications are uniquely demanding and subject storage devices to enormous workloads completely without comparison in the consumer sector. Indeed, as much as the enterprise label is a symbol of quality and dependability, true enterprise-class devices are also completely overqualified for other types of applications.

For tough enterprise applications, however, their exceptional performance and reliability are absolutely ideal if not downright essential.

Modern datacenter with rows upon rows of server racks and enterprise servers
Enterprise-grade NAS setup with high-speed storage

Enterprise applications such as servers and network-attached storage (NAS) devices are always on and constantly accessed by users and applications both locally and around the world. Not only does this require high performance, but also impeccable stability to deliver satisfactory service with zero interruptions.  

However, these extremely demanding workloads require more than impressive top performance. Being able to sustain a high level of performance over time is absolutely critical, much more so than top performance, and device reliability is a must for the investment to be economically feasible. Frequently replacing storage devices is both too expensive and too labor-intensive to be a feasible option.

Put simply, enterprise-class is a trusted quality designation for a reason.

Challenges in enterprise applications

Key challenges

Non-stop performance

Massive workloads means that enterprise applications require sustained top performance that does not waver.

A long-term solution

For storage devices to be economically feasible, buckling under the pressure of enterprise workloads is not an option. Long-term reliability is a must for achieving adequate cost-efficiency.

Security you can trust

Enterprise applications that process sensitive data must be designed with security as a top priority, and their storage devices is no exception.

Our solutions

Storage designed for sustained performance

Our enterprise-class devices are designed to deliver the highest possible level of sustained performance, delivering all the performance that enterprise applications require.

Impressive reliability and generous warranty

We design our storage devices to last, and our generous warranty policy reflects this commitment to long-term reliable service even in the most demanding applications.

Value-added security features

Security is always a priority and never an afterthought in our products, and we provide customers with a wealth of optional security-enhancing features and technologies.

Machinery used in SSD production

Recommended technologies



Provides a high level of data security with military-grade encryption – perfectly suited for applications where security is a top priority.


TCG Opal

Optional security feature that ensures compliance with the Trusted Computing Group's specifications for communicating with self-encrypting drives.



Enables data recovery and guarantees data integrity under any circumstances by utilizing RAID operating on flash block granularity to recover and rebuild data.


Ultra-fast response time

Optimizes storage devices for ultra-low latencies and QoS consistency in order to provide stable high-quality service.


Data retention

Periodically refreshes data content on the storage device, ensuring that data residing in the flash cells are always in the correct state.

Recommended products

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