Exascend's high-performing Nitro CFexpress Type B card, now available with 1 TB capacity.

Exascend’s VPG400-Certified Nitro CFexpress Now Available With 1 TB Capacity

Exascend’s Nitro CFexpress made a splash when it became the world’s first VPG400-certified CFexpress Type B memory card to hit the market. Available for purchase through online retailers such as Amazon, CVP as well as brick-and-mortar stores near you, the Exascend Nitro CFexpress 512 GB is readily available worldwide. Hot on the heels of our successful Nitro launch, we’re expanding our new Nitro CFexpress lineup with another VPG400-certified card: Exascend Nitro CFexpress 1 TB.

When we announced the launch of the Exascend Nitro 512 GB, we mentioned that the card provides over three times the capacity of existing VPG400 cards – 21 minutes and 20 seconds of continuous 400 MB/s capture compared to 6 minutes and 40 seconds with cards from other brands. With the launch of our 1 TB Nitro card, we can double those figures once more: 43 minutes and 41 seconds of continuous 400 MB/s video capture. Or, if you’re using the Nikon Z9’s new N-RAW 12-bit 8K 60p capture mode, around 23 minutes of continuous capture.

That’s enough capacity for a serious amount of 8K RAW footage.

Just like the 512 GB version, the Nitro CFexpress 1 TB packs some incredible performance (hence the VPG400-certification) and features we think you’ll like:

  • 1,850 MB/s sustained read
  • 1,700 MB/s sustained write
  • 12K RAW-ready
  • IP67-certified dust and water resistance
  • Ultra-thin graphene heat spreaders for thermal efficiency
  • Future-proof CFexpress controller ready the next generation of CFexpress

If you want to learn all the details about Exascend Nitro CFexpress, you can head over to our product page, check out our product announcement, or read coverage from our friends in the media such as PetaPixel, CineD, DPReview, Newsshooter and many more.

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