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Data Path Protection

Ensuring Error-Free Data Transmission in NAND Flash Devices

Exascend’s Data Protection technology goes beyond conventional error detection and correction. It ensures the seamless and error-free flow of data in both directions – from the host to the SSD and vice versa. By embedding protection information, this innovative technology guarantees the complete integrity and reliability of data transmission across various nodes in your system.

In the event of a data discrepancy during the transmission process, Data Path Protection technology excels at pinpointing these issues with remarkable precision. It employs robust error-checking mechanisms such as CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) and ECC (Error Correction Code). No matter where the error arises in the data transmission journey, our technology excels in detecting and correcting it accurately.

The implementation of Data Path Protection technology significantly mitigates the risks associated with system damage or downtime due to data errors, thereby elevating the overall stability of your system. This sophisticated error-checking mechanism not only delivers comprehensive data safeguarding but also enhances the trustworthiness and reliability of SSDs.

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