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Neutron Shield™

Advancing Radiation-Hardened SSD Technology for Extreme Environments

Neutron Shield is Exascend’s innovative technology designed to enhance the radiation tolerance of solid-state drives (SSDs). Radiation-hardened SSD technology is a sophisticated storage solution engineered to function reliably in environments with high levels of ionizing radiation. It incorporates a range of advanced techniques to protect data storage and processing components from the deleterious effects of radiation exposure.

To ensure robust radiation resilience, Exascend has implemented several optimizations at the firmware level. These enhancements include the integration of Marvell NANDEdge™ LDPC data error correction technology, which significantly improves the accuracy of data read and write operations when dealing with NAND flash memory in radiation-prone conditions.

Furthermore, Exascend’s radiation-hardened SSDs incorporate key protective features such as RAID ECC and Data Path Protection. These measures collectively form a comprehensive defense mechanism, enhancing data integrity and reliability under radiation-induced stress.

In summary, radiation-hardened SSD technology represents a state-of-the-art solution for safeguarding critical data in extreme environments. This technology plays an indispensable role in applications such as space exploration, nuclear power generation, and other high-radiation environments, where data integrity and system reliability are paramount. Neutron Shield technology exemplifies Exascend’s commitment to advancing the capabilities of SSDs in these demanding scenarios.

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