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Data Retention Plus™

Enhancing Data Retention through Dynamic Data Refreshing

Solid state drives (SSDs) store data in NAND flash cells, which gradually experience a loss of charge over time. This phenomenon, known as data retention, becomes more pronounced in higher temperatures and with increased program/erase (P/E) cycles. To address this issue, it is crucial to periodically refresh the stored data based on temperature and P/E cycle count.

Data Retention Plus™ is an innovative firmware algorithm developed by Exascend. This intelligent solution dynamically refreshes the data stored on flash storage devices, taking into account device usage patterns.

By implementing even drive wear leveling and offering safeguards against read, program, and erase disturbances, Data Retention Plus™ ensures the utmost reliability of the data stored in the NAND flash.

Through this intelligent process, the risk of data integrity issues resulting from the natural degradation of flash storage is effectively mitigated, even in extreme temperature environments.

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