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Customizable Over-Provisioning Technology for Your Applications

Support for Unlimited Over-Provisioning in SSD is an advanced technology exclusively provided by Exascend, aimed at enhancing the overall performance and durability of SSDs.

Traditionally, the over-provisioning of SSDs is fixed (0%, 7% or 28%) and cannot be adjusted according to demand. However, this unique technology developed by Exascend allows freely configure the over-provisioning space based on actual application requirements. This means that SSD storage resources can be allocated reasonably according to different workloads and application scenarios, maximizing performance and lifespan.

Through the Unlimited Over-Provisioning technology, SSDs can more efficiently manage and distribute data, reducing the wear of storage units and extending the lifespan of the SSD. At the same time, it also improves write speed and data protection capabilities.

This technology is crucial for applications that require efficient and reliable data storage solutions, especially in enterprise and industrial environments. Unlimited Over-Provisioning brings a significant boost to the performance and durability of SSDs, making it the preferred choice in various industries

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