IP68 and IP67 compliance

Robust IP68 and IP67 Storage Solutions for Challenging Environments

Many of Exascend’s storage products come in configurations that adhere to IP68 or IP67 standards, ensuring robust protection against moisture and contaminants. The IP68 rating offers the highest level of dust protection according to the Ingress Protection Code (IP Code) and surpasses IP67 in terms of water resistance, making it exceptionally durable for use in challenging environments, even enduring prolonged submersion in water.

These IP68- and IP67-compliant products are especially popular among customers operating in rugged settings, such as those involved in edge computing, industrial automation, mission-critical tasks, and transportation. Furthermore, we offer cinematography storage solutions in IP68- or IP67-compliant setups, facilitating filming in some of the harshest environments imaginable.

Depending on the specific product, we achieve IP68 and IP67 ratings through various means, including our conformal coating technology, robust casings, and reinforced connectors. These measures ensure that detrimental particles are kept at bay from the components safeguarding your data, and any moisture or water droplets that might enter the product cannot directly contact the internal electronic components.

To ensure complete adherence to the IP68 or IP67 standard, we submit our storage products to thorough testing and validation conducted by SGS, the leading global authority in testing, inspection, and certification. Our dedication to our customers is evident in our rigorous testing procedures, which validate our IP68 and IP67 compliance.

Decipher our IP ratings

1st numeral: dust and solid foreign objects

0No protection.
1Protected against solid foreign objects of 50 mm in diameter and greater.
2Protected against solid foreign objects of 12.5 mm in diameter and greater.
3Protected against solid foreign objects of 2.5 mm in diameter and greater.
4Protected against solid foreign objects of 1.0 mm in diameter and greater.


Tested using talcum powder with a 2 kg/m³ dust concentration. Continuous dust raising for 8 hours while product kept in suspension.

2nd numeral: moisture and water

0No protection.
1Protected against vertically falling water drops.
2Protected against vertically falling water drops when enclosure is tilted up to 15°.
3Protected against spraying water.
4Protected against splashing water.
5Protected against water jets.
6Protected against powerful water jets.

Protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water.

Tested with a depth of 1.0 m for a duration of 30 minutes.


Protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water.

Tested with a depth of 1.5 m for a duration of 1 hour.

9Protected against high pressure and temperature water jets.

Source: The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

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