PR4 Series

Engineered with cutting-edge radiation-hardened technologies, the PR4 series SSD guarantees steadfast data integrity and reliable performance, even in the most demanding conditions. With unparalleled radiation tolerance, the PR4 SSD is the ideal choice for aerospace and mission-critical deployments, ensuring confidence in every operation. Product Specs and Datasheet →

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PCIe 4.0
NVMe 1.4


176-layer 3D TLC

NAND Flash



Up to

0 TB


Up to

0 MB/s

Sustained performance

Flash Storage Tailored for Radiation-Intense Environments

Radiation-Hardened Reliability

The PR4 SSD integrates Exascend’s Neutron Shield 2.0, ensuring advanced radiation-induced bit flip correction and dual-copy firmware protection. In critical situations, the PR4 SSD seamlessly transitions into safe mode, autonomously resetting from fatal errors to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Low Power Consumption

Exascend's PR4 U.2 and E1.S models consume <7.5W at 3GB/s, <1W at idle, over 50% less than other market solutions. Maximize power for scientific instruments and payloads, enhancing mission efficiency.

Optimized Thermal Management

Lower power consumption reduces heat generation, vital for missions where heat dissipation is challenging. Enhanced thermal management ensures component reliability in extreme conditions, crucial for prolonged space exploration and research.

Customizable Flash Storage Solutions

By collaborating with top-tier NAND flash manufacturers and SSD controller creators, we have engineered a bespoke firmware architecture that seamlessly unites advanced hardware and innovative design. This empowers flash storage, providing tailored solutions for success.

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Uncompromised Integrity and Reliability

Neutron Shield 2.0 offers advanced rad-hard technologies and enhanced error correction ensure data integrity. Our Dual Power Loss Protection (PLP) safeguards data during sudden power outages. Dual firmware image copies also ensure uninterrupted SSD operation, error resolution, or instances of firmware corruption.


Withstanding Humidity, Shock and Vibration

MIL-STD-810 rated for extreme environments, the PR4 SSD is built to withstand harsh conditions. It features conformal coating to shield against moisture and particles, while underfill technology reinforces BGA connections, preventing vibration failures.


Optimized Thermal and Write Performance

Leveraging Exascend's Adaptive Thermal Control™ and SuperCruise™ technologies, the PR4 SSD optimizes performance through intelligent thermal management and write endurance algorithms. This ensures sustainable peak performance across diverse environments.


Data Security and Encryption

With TCG Opal 2.0, AES-256 encryption, secure erase, pre-boot authentication (PBA), and tamper-proof firmware options, the PR4 SSD offers robust data protection, safeguarding sensitive information effectively.


Enhanced Power Efficiency

Our control in hardware, firmware and manufacturing allows unmatched power tuning services. Tailoring product performance for your applications achieves optimal performance-to-thermal and performance-to-power ratios.


Wide Temperature

Exascend’s wide temperature technology leverages a unique combination of high-quality components, purpose-designed hardware and highly-optimized firmware to deliver unmatched wide temperature performance and stability.

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