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Neutron Shield™ 2.0

Advancing Radiation-Hardened Flash Storage Technology for Extreme Environments

Neutron Shield 2.0 represents a significant leap forward, elevating the radiation tolerance of solid-state drives (SSDs) to unprecedented levels. Building on the success of its predecessor, it introduces a suite of innovative features tailored to enhance data protection and operational resilience in the most demanding environments.

Here’s an overview of our cutting-edge technology:

  • Radiation-Induced Bit Flip Correction:
    Our firmware actively monitors and corrects bit flips caused by radiation exposure in the SRAM and DRAM. This real-time error correction mechanism ensures data integrity and prevents corruption, even in high-radiation environments.
  • Enhanced Data Protection:
    Exascend SSDs employ LDPC enhanced mode, supplemented by RAID ECC and Data Path Protection technologies. These features seamlessly detect and rectify errors during data transfer and storage operations, bolstering data integrity and reliability.
  • Safe Mode and Automated Reset:
    In the event of a critical error, our SSDs transition seamlessly into a safe mode, preserving disk recognition and accessibility. This functionality enables swift recovery through automated resets, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Self-Reboot Capability:
    With a proactive error management approach, our SSDs autonomously initiate self-reboots upon encountering fatal errors within SRAM. This ensures uninterrupted operational continuity, effectively mitigating downtime and preserving system functionality.
  • Dual Firmware Image Storage:
    Unlike conventional SSDs relying solely on NAND flash memory, Exascend SSDs store firmware in NOR flash memory with dual image copies. This redundancy ensures firmware availability and integrity, safeguarding against potential corruption of a single firmware image.

By integrating these robust radiation-hardened technologies, Exascend SSDs deliver unparalleled data protection, reliability, and resilience in radiation-intensive environments. 

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