Award-Winning AS500 BGA SSD

Engineered for automotive’s harshest conditions. Up to 5 GB/s sequential performance. Capacity available up to 1TB.


PCIe Gen5 U.2 SSD for Data Centers →

Experience 14 GB/s read speeds and 2.6M IOPS for 4K random reads with the PD5 SSD. Maximize efficiency with up to 15.36TB capacity and 3 DWPD.

Exascend Unveils Radiation-Hardened PR4 Series NVMe SSD at Embedded World 2024

Rad-Hard PR4 NVMe SSDs →

The ideal choice for aerospace and mission-critical deployments, offering unparalleled radiation tolerance and guaranteed data integrity.


microSD Cards Built for Tough Environments →

Our microSD card range is tailored for automotive, surveillance, drones, and medical devices, delivering optimized performance for high-re images and 4K videos in demanding conditions.


Industrial DRAM Modules →

Discover our DDR4 3200 UDIMMs and SODIMMs tailored for industrial applications. Choose from Wide-Temp series featuring original wide-temp ICs, or opt for Standard-Temp series equipped with high-quality ICs.

Trusted Advanced Storage Technologies

Benefit from our robust hardware and firmware for reliable storage, delivering superior performance, durability, reliability, and security for your applications.

Storage Solutions Tailored for Your Needs

Rugged and Reliable SSDs for Automotive, Industrial and Enterprise Workloads

Our expertise in hardware and firmware solutions, coupled with our dedication to customization, enables us to effectively address customer concerns and resolve distinct challenges.

Storage Solutions Designed for Cinema Professionals

Exascend’s cinematography storage solutions cover all the professionals’ storage requirements from production through post-production. We streamline your workflow, so you can focus on what you do best.

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