Success Story: Enabling Autonomous Driving with Exascend’s Reliable and Secure Data Storage

In the race towards self-driving vehicles, one of the critical components is the collection and processing of vast amounts of data for AI training simulations. A Tier 1 supplier working with an automobile OEM on developing Level 3 autonomous driving systems faced this challenge head-on. Their autonomous driving data loggers needed to reliably capture and store data from various sensors, cameras, and other sources, all while ensuring data security and integrity throughout the process.

The Challenge: Rugged, High-Performance, and Secure Storage

The customer’s requirements were stringent:

      1. Sustained Write Performance: The data loggers needed to change solid-state drives (SSDs) every four hours due to the sheer volume of data being generated. The SSDs had to sustain high write performance for the entire four-hour window.
      2. Ruggedized Operation: Vehicles encounter various environmental conditions, from bumpy roads and vibrations to extreme temperatures. The SSDs had to operate reliably under these challenging circumstances.
      3. Data Security: Once the SSDs were filled, they would be transported back to the office for data upload to data centers. Data had to remain secure and encrypted until the upload was completed.

    With four SSDs needed per data logger and a total of two data loggers per car, the customer required a storage solution that could meet these demanding criteria.

    The Solution: Exascend’s Expertise and Cutting-Edge Technology

    Exascend stepped in with a comprehensive solution tailored to the customer’s needs:

        1. High-Performance Storage: Exascend provided its 3.84TB automotive-grade PCIe NVMe M.2 2280 SSD, offering the necessary write performance (2800 MB/s), capacity, thermal optimization and ruggedization for the autonomous driving data loggers.
        2. Expert Guidance: A team of Exascend experts provided guidance on implementing self-encrypting drives (SED) with TCG Opal 2.0 for data security and offered suggestions for heat dissipation, such as the use of heat sinks, to ensure stable operation in various environmental conditions.
        3. Extensive Testing and Support: Exascend’s team participated in an 8-month testing process, working closely with the customer to validate the solution. Even after the initial deployment, Exascend continued to provide dedicated support.

      The Outcome: A Successful Partnership and Future Collaboration

      The customer’s feedback spoke volumes about the success of the collaboration:

          • Exascend provided timely and professional support, offering flexible solutions to address the customer’s unique requirements.

          • The customer, impressed with Exascend’s expertise and commitment, has placed Exascend on the priority list for collaboration on other AI projects.

        By enabling reliable and secure data storage for autonomous driving data loggers, Exascend has played a crucial role in advancing the development of self-driving vehicles. This success story highlights our ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet the most demanding requirements, paving the way for future innovations in the automotive industry and beyond.

        The PA4 series automotive-grade NVMe SSD includes M.2, E1.S, and U.2 form factors, with the U.2 and E1.S models achieving less than 7.5W power consumption at 3GB/s and less than 1W at idle – more than 50% less than other products in the market. The PA4 series is ruggedized with conformal coating and underfill technologies and is undergoing ISO 16750-3 automotive shock and vibration testing to validate environmental resilience for road vehicle conditions.

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